Verbal Excellence: Leading, Persuading and Defusing

taught by Captain Joe Puckett

Course description

This 8 hour course strives to help you increase your success, improve your safety in any circumstance and provide you with skills to deal with difficult people, difficult situations and violent conflicts. The specific tools include 5 tactics to avoid conflict, de-escalation and defusing components, building rapport, avoiding toxic talk, responding to threats and overcoming adversaries as well as choosing words that persuade, deflecting vs. arguing and developing plans for conflict. A certificate of completion is provided upon completion for you to print as proof of attending the training course.

Captain Joe Puckett
Captain Joe Puckett
Executive Director and Senior Instructor

Joe Puckett is a former law enforcement member and administrator. He has 21 years of law enforcement experience.

Joe Puckett has also been instructing members of law enforcement, criminal justice, public safety, government, corporations and churches for over 25 years. His goal is to help you improve your way of interacting with people, difficulties and dangerous situations.

Mr. Puckett's mission is to not let his experience go to waste but to share it with you. His ideas are based on practical experience, studies of current violence trends and difficulties that people encounter relative to these topics.