Group Training: Surviving The Active Shooter/Dangerous Intruder Incident (For 10 Personnel or Less)

Violence Prevention, Violence Detection and Survival Strategies | taught by Captain Joe Puckett

Course description

This Group training online course is designed to be delivered to 10 or fewer employees during a one year window of time.

This course is designed with directions for a supervisor, trainer or proctor to print out the materials contained within this program, copying them for staff and then play the accessible videos to train your personnel in your training room or office on your schedule. After completion you may also copy, fill out and present your attendees with the certificates included in this package, and/or place them in their files.

This training provide you and attendees with a convenient opportunity to improve your plans for violence detection, prevention and survival. The 4 hour course provides video challenges, uses high definition video discussion to help you get better prepared for evaluating danger, calling for help, preparing for difficult and dangerous situations. The material also covers crisis communication for dealing with difficult, violent or people in crisis. The final sections cover the study of gunshots, the hostile intruder and active shooter and your escape plans, discussions of hiding and fighting back. Overall the goal of this course is to help you improve your survival mindset and give your brain material to keep you safe should this violence break out.

This training is good for anyone of us that may face an active shooter or violent intruder, which is all of us. This includes government employees, corporate or business staff, church volunteers or staff, medical professionals, school personnel. This is also good material for criminal justice personnel who may be on or off-duty including corrections, probation, detention, fire, support staff, volunteers. Really this course was made with all of us in mind who might face an incident at work, school, movie theater, church or other public place or work space.

Captain Joe Puckett
Captain Joe Puckett
Executive Director and Senior Instructor

Joe Puckett is a former law enforcement member and administrator with 21 years of experience.

Joe Puckett has also served as an Executive Director and Senior Instructor with a non-profit education organization (Code 4).  During this time Joe has led the training and organization of training events for over 400,000 people across the United States.  These training sessions have served members of law enforcement, criminal justice, public safety, government, corporations, churches and the general public for over 20 years. 

Mr. Puckett's mission is to share his experiences with you. His ideas are based on practical experience, studies of current trends and forward / future thinking perspectives.