Group Training: Front Desk Safety/Security A to Z (Pricing For 11 or More Personnel)

taught by Captain Joe Puckett

Course description

This course is packed with information to help your staff and team members to improve safety, security, communication skills and evaluating what is going on around them. This course also gives them material for dealing with emergencies, difficult people and violence and challenges them to practice as individuals or a team on preplanning skills.

This course is designed to be used for a group viewing of your agency personnel. Viewing around a computer screen or LCD projection is possible with this course. It is intended for 11 or more of your personnel to watch the videos as one big group or several small groups over a year from the date of purchase. This course is not approved for viewing of personnel outside of your agency or as outside vendor material.

Captain Joe Puckett
Captain Joe Puckett
Executive Director and Senior Instructor

Joe Puckett is a former law enforcement member and administrator. He has 21 years of law enforcement experience.

Joe Puckett has also been instructing members of law enforcement, criminal justice, public safety, government, corporations and churches for over 25 years. His goal is to help you improve your way of interacting with people, difficulties and dangerous situations.

Mr. Puckett's mission is to not let his experience go to waste but to share it with you. His ideas are based on practical experience, studies of current violence trends and difficulties that people encounter relative to these topics.