Usher Safety and Security Training Course

Training for Your Ushers, Security Teams and Ministry Leaders | taught by Captain Joe Puckett

Course description

This course is designed for individual Ushers, Usher Teams and Leaders participating with Church/Ministry security planning, weekly operations and security team development.

This course content includes video instruction and discussion on the following topics and more:
In this training we will review church violence trends, tips for protecting our people and office staff, dealing with disorderly people and the warning signs of escalating emotions. We will also discuss evaluating odd, suspicious and dangerous, improving your skills for seeing danger and de-escalating violent behavior. Our material will also cover dealing with mentally ill persons, preparing for emergencies, protecting the children’s ministry, reading body language before attacks, we will review the 911 system to help you in dealing with suspicious and dangerous situations and we will talk about handling the active shooter situation.

This course is not based on any particular denomination. This training is based on the principles of security for any churches, protecting congregations, ministry facilities, special events or special programs and protecting ministry leaders.
Captain Joe Puckett
Captain Joe Puckett
Executive Director and Senior Instructor

Joe Puckett is a former law enforcement member and administrator with 21 years of experience.

Joe Puckett has also served as an Executive Director and Senior Instructor with a non-profit education organization (Code 4).  During this time Joe has led the training and organization of training events for over 400,000 people across the United States.  These training sessions have served members of law enforcement, criminal justice, public safety, government, corporations, churches and the general public for over 20 years. 

Mr. Puckett's mission is to share his experiences with you. His ideas are based on practical experience, studies of current trends and forward / future thinking perspectives.